We are communicators. Writers, teachers, journalists, students of leadership. We’re committed to service, accountability, and curiosity. It’s in our nature.

We believe strong communication skills make an average leader truly great.

And it's more than words. It's a way of thinking, of solving problems. A focus on values, doing the right thing and knowing that by doing so, leaders build companies to inspire the world. We're dedicated to that type of leader.

For more than twenty-five years, we’ve worked with founders of startups and leaders in iconic technology companies. We’ve had the privilege of witnessing the process and pitfalls of fast-growth and scaling from our base in Silicon Valley to New York City, Dublin, Ireland, and throughout Europe and Asia.

We’ve learned that leadership begins with a crazy idea, a bold vision, a revolution, a mission, and scales into companies full of people who embrace that vision and mission. The great ones do this intentionally through self-reflection, a commitment to learning, and a willingness to lead for the benefit of others.

The critical component is communication. A series of conversations, engagements, and actions. A complex mix of words, emotions, and perceptions curated to focus teams on achievable outcomes and results. Winning the mission.

That's what we do. We search the world for good people - leaders - and make their truth persuasive. Why? Because we believe great leaders matter. They create a world we all want to live in, work in, and thrive in. We believe it's a mission worth fighting for.



SNP begins in the basement of founders Maureen Taylor and Renn Vara’s family home.


Thirty employees, now headquartered in San Francisco’s KQED-FM, produce the very first podcast on record. This cements in place SNP’s mission of helping leaders inspire audiences to action through clear content and memorable delivery.


Dot-com startups crop up and first-time leaders turn to SNP to learn best practices for communicating with their teams.


The dot-com bubble bursts and companies nationwide go under. Staying true to its founding mission, SNP helps guide leaders through this challenging time.


SNP opens an office in New York City. The economy rebounds and emerging technologies and platforms bring fresh opportunities to the SNP team.


The 2008 recession hits. Buoyed by experience in economic downturns, SNP helps leaders and their companies endure.


SNP celebrates 20 years in business.


SNP opens its first international office in Dublin, Ireland, enabling it to better carry out its ethos: to search the world for good people and make their truths persuasive.


Startups are back on the rise and SNP continues to help them thrive.