Podcast with Ann Miura-Ko – Co-Founding Partner of Floodgate

On Season 2 Episode 10 of the Think Like A Founder podcast, Maureen Taylor speaks with Ann Miura-Ko.

Ann Muria-Ko is the Co-Founding Partner of Floodgate. Floodgate is a seed-stage VC firm that supports founders who defy conventional wisdom, often before others believe in their idea. Ann Miura-Ko has made the New York Times list of the Top 20 Venture Capitalists Worldwide, and was named the “Most Powerful Woman in Startups” by Forbes.Podcast with Ann Miura-Ko

My mom is telling me, ‘you haven’t even finished your PhD, you have an 18 month old daughter, life is too crazy.’ It’s not crazy, you just don’t see what I see. And the more you tell me that I can’t do it, the more I feel like I have to go do it, because if I’m not the one to do it, and I see someone else do it, I won’t be able to live with myself. — Ann Miura-Ko

On this episode of the Think Like A Founder podcast, SNP’s Co-Founder & CEO, Maureen Taylor gets Ann Miura-Ko’s thoughts on…

  1. Going with your gut 
  2. How you can’t test for human potential
  3. How the journey is more valuable than the plan

To see more from Ann Muria-Ko, check out the Floodgate website. 

Think Like A Founder is produced by SNP Communications in San Francisco, California. Visit the Think Like A Founder website to learn more about the podcast and curriculum or connect with Maureen Taylor on LinkedIn to continue the conversation there. 

Series Producer: Róisín Hunt

Sound Design: Marc Ream 

Content and Scripting: Mike Sullivan

Production Coordinator: Natasha Thomas

Thanks also to Selena Persiani-Shell, Jordan Bailey, Matt Johnson, Eli Shell, John Hughes, and Renn Vara.

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