Podcast with Elizabeth Brunner, Founder of StereoType

On Season 4 Episode 7 of the Think Like A Founder podcast, Maureen Taylor speaks with Elizabeth Brunner.

Elizabeth Brunner is the Founder of StereoType. StereoType is a clothing brand for kids envisioning a new world free from limits on expression and joy. They created the concept of blended fashion which breaks down gender boundaries to create fun and functional clothing that support a child’s unique style.

Before founding StereoType, Elizabeth Brunner founded Piece x Piece, a clothing collection devoted to reducing waste. Each piece is made from luxury fabric discards.

I want people to understand that every child is an individual, as we all are. That’s really the time to let your Podcast with Elizabeth Brunner Founder of StereoTypechildren be free, be who they are and discover who they are, and not limit them by the clothing choices that they make. Or that make you feel uncomfortable, which is the self-reflection part. If something is making you feel uncomfortable, but not your child, you need to ask yourself some questions about that.

– Elizabeth Brunner


On this episode of the Think Like a Founder podcast, SNP’s Co-Founder & CEO, Maureen Taylor gets Elizabeth Brunner’s thoughts on…

  1. Being introverted as a founder
  2. Embracing chaos
  3. Trying everything

Learn more about StereoType on their website.

Think Like A Founder is produced by SNP Communications in San Francisco, California. Visit the Think Like A Founder website to learn more about the podcast and curriculum or connect with Maureen Taylor on LinkedIn to continue the conversation there. 

Series Producer: Mike Sullivan

Sound Design: Marc Ream 

Content and Scripting: Jaselin Drown

Production Coordinator: Natasha Thomas

Thanks also to Róisín Hunt, Selena Persiani-Shell, Jordan Bailey, Matt Johnson, Eli Shell, John Hughes, and Renn Vara.


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